• For meals, a box of 5 or 10 meals is the minimum order requirement. Alternatively, you may wish to buy snack packs on their own.

  • No, becoming a member is optional and you can order without signin up, however members will be able to enjoy a range of benefits and rewards in the future. Please note that this is service is currently not available.

  • The meal customization section is under construction and soon will be released. We will let you know its availability as soon as this is finished.

  • No. All you need to do is reheat and eat. Please follow the instructions on the flyer inside your box. Thank you

  • All meals are meant to be refrigerated at a temperature below 7°C. Meals in the refrigerator will last fresh up to 5 days in their vacuumed sealed packaging, if you wish to save some meals for after these 5 days lapse then please freeze them under -18°C as soon as you get your delivery to ensure freshness.

  • NO. We vacuum our meals for freshness, however this does not mean meals can be kept out of the refrigerator. Please do not consume any meals that have been out of the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes.

  • The purpose of vacuuming our meals is to keep their freshness. In this way, we ensure our customers enjoy delicious, fresh meals. Please note that vacuuming STILL REQUIRES REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER STORAGE, do not store meals at a temperature higher than 7°C. We strictly encourage our customers to follow our storage instructions located on the flyer inside the box.

  • A member reward system will soon be launched. Members will be able to enjoy a range of benefits from discounts to free products. Please keep tuned on our social media platforms for updates. Thank you

  • The Customize My Meal section is currently under construction. In the meantime, you can contact us by sending us an email for any special order options. Thank you

  • At the moment, our Meal Customization section is under construction, however you are welcome to contact us by sending us an email. Thank you

  • No, our meals are cooked fresh and are not kept frozen at any time prior delivery. This way we ensure that the flavor and texture are of best quality but also that our customers can enjoy them as soon as they get them delivered.

  • We ship Taiwan wide.

  • Orders will vary depending on how much you order. The minimum delivery fee is NT$80 and NT$190 for the highest charge. If you spend a total of or --- or more then shipping is free of charge.

  • Our meals are delivered through a registered logistic company that uses transportation with a refrigeration system to ensure freshness, food quality, and the right temperature. Other products such as protein balls and some snacks may not always require refrigeration which is why may be sent through a standard delivery system in some cases.

  • We are currently using EC pay which is a Taiwanese friendly payment platform which offers many different payment methods such as credit card, ATM transfers, Seven Eleven bar code payments, and others. Please proceed to check out to see available payment methods.

  • Yes, we offer Seven Eleven bar code and ATM transfer payment. At the checkout you will be able to select your favorite payment method. Please note that with barcode payments at SevenEleven, Family Mart, etc. orders will be pending until payment has been successfully made and processed. We encourage our customers to keep any receipts in case of any inconvenience. Thank you

  • No, sorry. We do not offer that option.

Dear customer, we're currently discontinuing the sell of meal boxes. However, all snacks are available and can be ordered. Thank you