• The Founders

    Sebastian and Yalan are our names. We are a young married foreign couple and also parents whom are crazy about nutrition and fitness. Sebastian himself is a professional personal trainer who has been lifting weights for 9 years and coaching clients for 4 years so far.


    About two years ago we started to teach fitness concepts such as how to work out and eat towards a better, fitter physique using our social media channels. In a short time, we realized how concerned people in Taiwan were about improving their eating habits and nutrition though little or no food ready options were available to suit their needs. Therefore, we decided to create Fitnity which gives people the option to fulfill their nutritional demands through the convenience of not having to cook or think about what they need to eat to reach their goals.

    We make delicious healthy! No more boring, boiled, tasteless meals!


    At Fitnity we believe that science, creativity, and great cooking skills can give us the tools and concepts to create, healthy, nutritionally precise meals that are full of flavors and colors. Boring, boiled, tasteless meals are not necessary to reach our fitness and health goals. This is a misconception that we wish to change completely. Many people are afraid of eating fats and carbs and think that the only way to become fitter is by cutting those crucial macronutrients out of their diet. That is wrong and it will only lead to a very unsuccessful diet experience whatever your goal may be. Here at Fitnity you will be able to find delicious and nutritious meals and products that will change your thoughts in a good way about fitness food.


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  • We make delicious healthy!

    At Fitnity we believe that science and creativity can give us the tools and concepts to create healthy, nutritionally precised meals that will help you achieve your fitness goals without holding back on the flavor. We create macronutrient - balanced meals designed to give your body the necessary energy and recovery tools for every activity you encounter during the day.

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What makes Fitnity different?

Our approach to fitness and nutrition has always been based on scientific principles which then we apply onto our training and nutrition to get the best results possible. Extensive research, professional studies and own experiences have proved us that eating well does not equal to eating boring or eating little, at Fitnity we create meals and products with the perfect ratio of macro-nutrients to get you where you want without starving yourself or over-eating. Also, with our products we strive to find the latest technology on food available in order to offer our customers their favorite foods without compromising flavors and important nutrients.


All of our meals are packed with Macronutrients and are designed to be flavorful yet healthy.


Our meals are very flavorful and packed with fresh ingredients. We've curated carefully to create healthy meal that you'll love.


Our meals are never frozen and are delivered vaccumed seal to perserve maximum freshness. All you need to do is heat it up and enjoy.

"At Fitnity we are passionate about convenience, great taste and results, which is why we want to encourage good eating habits through the convenience of nutritious meals and specialty fit products delivered to our customers doorsteps."

Dear customer, we're currently discontinuing the sell of meal boxes. However, all snacks are available and can be ordered. Thank you